Grilled Steak Fajitas

The wife and daughter went on a road trip early yesterday morning. So the boys and I took advantage of the opportunity to do some cooking on our own.
After some serious deliberation and much thought, we decided on steak fajitas. Here are the results of our efforts……

Grilled Fajitas and Beans

And the finished product… They sure were good.

Fajita plate

High Desert Brisket

Here are some shots of a 10 1/2 pound brisket that I smoked recently on the WSM. It was slathered with mustard and a generous application of my home brew dry rub. The brisket was put on the smoker about 11:30 pm with charcoal, lump and some white oak wine barrel chunks for the smoke.

Slathered Brisket

This is another shot of the same brisket at 7 am the next morning. It’s cooked to an internal of 152 degrees so it’s not ready to spray and foil just yet. There’s a fresh fatty beside it and a yard bird on the bottom rack.

Smoked Brisket