About High Desert BBQ

Welcome to High Desert BBQ. We are located in the Sonoran desert of S. E. Arizona, near Bisbee. The altitude here is approximately 5400 feet above sea level.

This site is here to document my never ending quest for the best BBQ ideas, rubs, sauces and recipes available. My quest began around thirty years ago when my Mother gave me a shiny, new Brinkman Smoker/Grill for my birthday. Little did she know that I would go on to wear out, not only that one, but several more like it in the years to come.

I currently own and use a Weber Smoky Mountain or WSM for short, a Pro Q Excel 20, a Brinkman Smoker/Grill Deluxe, a BBQ Grillware vertical gas smoker, a BBQ Grillware three burner gas grill and a Blue Rhino tabletop gas grill for camping and travel.

You will find a variety of things here. While all of the recipes and smoking/grilling ideas are not mine, all of the food pictures are of food that was cooked by yours truly.

For a truly unique BBQ web experience just visit the BBQ Brethren web site or the AZ Barbeque Forum. There are a great bunch of people at both forums as well as a wealth of information on all aspects of outdoor cooking. Tell them Mr. Bo sent you.