Hot & Fast Christmas Brisket

My family wanted brisket for Christmas dinner but I had to work most of the day on Christmas Eve and leave at 6 the next morning until nearly noon. There was precious little time to smoke anything at all but I had read about a hot & fast method so I decided to try it.
I got the Pro Q Excel 20 cleaned and ready to smoke on, started a full chimney of Kingsford and went inside to get the 5.5# trimmed brisket flat rubbed with salt, black pepper and garlic powder. That done, it was back outside to dump the lit chimney of coals into the charcoal basket of the Pro Q and seal the smoker up to get it up to temperature. At exactly five minutes till four, I put the brisket on the smoker and checked the internal temperature at 43 degrees. After 45 minutes, the smoker was cooking at 350 degrees and the brisket was at an internal temp of 157. Two hours and five minutes later the brisket was at 204 degrees and ready to spray and wrap. It was in the cooler for two hours before unwrapping to slice.
Hot & Fast Brisket

The meat was juicier that I had expected and had a really nice smoke ring. It was not, however, as tender as I had hoped and most of this one will probably become chopped brisket.
2 hour brisket

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