Smoked Cheese

I’ve been following several smoked cheese topics on some other sites and decided today to try it for myself. My hopes were to whip up some gift baskets for Christmas gifts if things worked out, which they did.
I finally removed the third stacker for my Pro Q Exel from the box today in preparation for my first “cold smoke.” Eight pieces of Kingsford were started in the chimney while I got a few pieces of cherry ready for the cooker. I put the Kingsford in the fire basket, set the three stackers and the lid in place (with nothing on the grates) and watched my new Tru_Temp start to climb above 100 degrees….. This was not a good way to get started because I need to cold smoke the cheese at least below 90 degrees to keep it from melting. After adding the water pan in the bottom stacker and filling it with cold water, the temp came down to a reasonable range so I proceeded with the experiment. Cherry wood is now in the fire basket. I double foiled two cooking racks and added some sliced smoked sausage and Cure 81 ham chunks to the one that would end up on the bottom.

Cold smoking ham chunks and sliced smoked sausage for Christmas

The cheese, Colby and Monterey Jack were then put on the top rack and the smoker was sealed up.

Cold smoking Colby & Monterey Jack cheeses.

These were cold smoked for a little over an hour at between 75 to 83 degrees and turned out great for the first attempt.

Cold smoked cheese and meats for Christmas goodies

I put one slice of each cheese into a baggie, a few chunks each of ham and smoked sausage into another baggie and finally TownHouse crackers into another before putting them into a small Christmas gift bag to give away to friends and co workers.

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