Meatloaf Burgers

Yesterday was another bachelor day for me. The wife and kids were out of town for a couple of football games and I was on call for the week end. My thoughts, while at the grocery store that morning, were to smoke a meatloaf. So I bought a small, 1.32#, package of 97% lean ground beef and a couple of 1# rolls of Jimmy Dean regular sausage, with the intent of cooking a meatloaf and a stuffed fatty of some sort.
As luck would have it, I received a call while at the store and had to go to work for a couple of hours to repair a small Internet outage. By the time I got back home, I was HUNGRY and didn’t want to take the time to fire up the smoker. My mind was set on meatloaf though. So I mixed about 1/2# of the ground beef with about 1/3# of Jimmy Dean sausage, added some diced onion, one egg, some oatmeal flakes, a dash of worchestershire sauce, sea salt, black pepper and some catsup. The mix was formed into two patties and put on the gas grill with some onion slices covered with EVOO and a dash of black pepper. Meatloaf Burger Makins

On the grill before turning

After turning

While these were on the grill, I heated up a small cast iron skillet with some new canola oil and started some tater tots, sliced one of the deli fresh onion rolls I bought at the store and got my plate ready to go. Ya have to remember, I was HUNGRY earlier so I was past that point by now. If I had not been so hungry, I would have toasted or grilled the bun after slicing it. here are a couple of pictures of the final product. Meatloaf Burger and Tots.

Meatloaf Burger & Tots

Meatloaf Burger & Tots2

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