Pulled Pork Fatty

I nearly always throw on a fatty or two when i fire up the smoker to cook something. Fatties are easy to put together and cook quickly.
For this one, I flattened one pound of pork sausage then added some left over pulled pork, chopped onions and pepper jack cheese. Then applied a liberal coating of my homemade rub before rolling it up.
Prepped fatty
Prepped fatty2
Here they are on the smoker along with a London Broil. The fatty in the foreground is not stuffed, but it was coated with a mixture of brown sugar, ground ginger and a touch of cayenne pepper for some added kick.
On the smoker
Here is the finished pulled pork stuffed fatty after the first round of taste testing……
pulled pork fatty
And here are some slices of both fatties.
fatty slices

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