Pulled Pork Sandwiches

This was the first cook on my new Pro Q Smoker and it was a very long one. Twenty one hours to be exact. But the finished product was worth the wait. The culprit in this 21 hour cook was this stubborn 8# pork butt.
Pork Butt

I gave it a heavy mustard slather and coated it liberally with my home made rub before putting it on the smoker with some cherry wood for smoke. It needs to reach an internal temp of about 200 degrees for pulling, but the darn thing hung at 150 degrees or so for hours and hours.
Finally, the beast is done and ready to go in the cooler to bring it back down to about 160 degrees before pulling.
Pork Butt
Pulled and ready to eat

This pulled pork sandwich, with my home made sauce, was well worth the wait!

pulled pork sandwich

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