Smoked Guacamole Burgers

I bought a new meat grinder recently and decided today that it was time for some ground round burgers. A 4# bottom round roast was cut into approximately 1″ chunks and put in the freezer for a few minutes to chill along with the new grinder.
After running the meat through the grinder for the first time, I added one package of McCormick Onion Gravy Mix and ran it all through for the second time.

Ground Bottom Round for Burgers

Next, I added some chopped onion, minced garlic, sea salt, Famous Dave’s Steak and Burger Seasoning and a little Sticky Pig BBQ Sauce and mixed it all up to make the 1/2 pound patties. These went on the gas smoker along with some hickory chips at about 250 degrees until they were near done. Then some were topped with pepper jack cheese and another with American cheese to suit the tastes of my family.

Smoking Burgers

Onion buns were spread with a butter garlic spread and toasted on the gas grill. The toasted buns were then applied a thin layer of Sticky Pig Mustard Sauce, some fresh lettuce and a dollop of guacamole dip and served with a hot garlic dill pickle and corn chips.

Smoked Guacamole Burger

Smoked Guacamole Burger

Along with the Becks they went down really well!

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